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Product Location : Bagmati, Kathmandu



Product Details
Push butlon ON OFF power switch
Single 30 position easy to use rotary switch for FUNCTION and RANGE
High sensitivity of 100uV
Automatic overrange indication with the "1 " displayed.
Automatic polarity indication on DC ranges
All ranges fully protected.
Resistance measurements 0.1-to 200M~2
Capacitance measurements 1 pF to 20t~F
Diode testing with 1mA fixed current.
Transistor hFE Test With ib-100uA
Temperature measurement with or withoul K type thermocouple

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RAM SEBAK RANA reviewed BO Motor Double shaft 4 years ago

it's Awesome BO Motor .

PJ Tek Budha reviewed Bluetooth HC-05 4 years ago


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