Aromatizador Vehicular Baseus Zeolite with 2 Essences, Baseus, AMROU-01

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Sold By : Aafno Pasal

Product Location : Bagmati, Kathmandu

Aafno Pasal


This Baseo Aromatizador with zeolite stones transports the aroma and extracts the fragrance of different spices to the environment of the car. It deodorizes and decomposes and the aroma in the air where it slowly evaporates the different traditional liquid perfumes, the aroma is longer lasting.

There are two types of aroma: Angel and Sea, soft and fresh.

Effect: fresh air, aromatic deodorant, refreshing, improve memory; relieves mental stress and so on;

135 days of lasting aroma, let the fragrance accompany you on your journey;

Easy to install at the air outlet of the car;

Comes with a glass bottle and a clip.


Product Specification:

Approximate weight: 184 grams

Compatibility: With all car models

Material: Plastic + Glass

Installation Mode: Air / Flat Surface Exit

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