4-CH WiFi Switch-Pro

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Product Details

Sonoff 4CH Pro is a 4 gang WiFi switch. It supports switching among 3 working modes: interlock/self-locking/inching(0.25-4s adjustable) mode. It integrates with a 433MHz RF receiver module, making it possible for the switch to be controlled by RF Remote. The Sonoff 4CH Pro smart switch is DIN Rail mounted.

Users can remotely turn on/off the connected lights/appliances by iOS/Android App eWeLink or 433MHz RF Remote. They can create 8 enabled single/repeat/countdown timers to automatically turn on/off at the specified time. The timers can run themselves even when network is unavailable. To let the devices be controlled by their family, they can simply share the devices to them and give specified timers permissions. They can even create some scenes or smart scenes to trigger ON/OFF the switch.


• Turn on/off 4 home appliances remotely

• Supports switching among inching/interlock/self-locking modes

• Device status's synchronously display

• Single/Repeat/Countdown timers

• Share control• Supports setting power on state

• 433MHz RF Remote control

• Works with Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap

• Works with Google Home

• Works with Google Nest


• Voltage range: 90-250v AC(50/60Hz) / 5-24v DC

• Max current: 10A/gang

• Max Power: 2200W/gang

• Wireless Frequency: WiFi 2.4GHz 

• Operating Temperature(recommended): 0ºC-40ºC(32°F-104°F)

• Operating Humidity: 5%-90%RH, Non-condensing

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