Teej Special Sarees Available at redDoko

Teej is a very auspicious festival where many Nepalese women fast and sing to the teej songs and married women pray for a longer life for their husbands. Also, unmarried women pray to lord shiva to get a good husband in the future. During this festival, red teej sarees and green teej sarees are usually flaunted by the ladies. At redDoko, we have a variety of products which are dedicated for this beautiful festival. Check out our handpicked collection of beautiful sarees.

Designer Sarees Online Available at Discounted Prices.

Designer sarees are the exclusive when it comes to the saree genre. These outstanding garments are crafted by the best designers which follow the current trend. Helping you stand out from the crowd in festivals and events, we are delighted to announce that  our designers are scouring the streets of Kathmandu to find the best designer sarees available on the market. We have designer sarees at a large price variation. Also, there are a variety of sarees suited for the classy married ladies as well as the funky girls out there. Different innovations of sarees such as lehenga sarees are also availbla at redDoko.com. 

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redDoko has always persued quality goods at a very affordable price. Our designers are always focusing on getting the best quality products. Our sari collection is picked from best along the best where we partner with very renouned sellers such as ethnic store. Also, we host various sari online sales to give out the best sari deals available on the internet.  Including different categories such as Kurtis, lehengas and saris we are on the road to specialize on ethnic wears with a fashion designer constantly working on the ethnic category.

All Varieties of Sarees Available Online

Saris are the traditional wears in various parts on Nepal and India. They have been cast out of the daily wear in the recent years but still hold a very big part in lacha saree, gujarati sathe fashion wears during festivals, marriages and formal events. There are a lot of varieties of sarees available which have evolved according to the geography. The different ones lehenga style saree, fashion sarees, heavy saree, sadi style, jute sarees, gujarati sari, moti work saree, khadi saree, gujarati sarees kashmiri sarees and much more.